What Is Consumer Intelligence?

You have a lot invested in your business. You have done everything you can to ensure that your business will grow and thrive. One of the things that you should be doing is marketing. Marketing will get your business's name out in front of more people and bring in more customers. There are a lot of things that you need to use when it comes to marketing your company. One of them is to use consumer intelligence. 

Consumer Intelligence

Consumer relationship management is how your company handles the relationship between the company and its customers. Consumer intelligence is just one part of that process. Consumer intelligence isn't just one thing; it's more of a process. Consumer intelligence is all about gathering information about your customers, their habits, their purchasing patterns, etc., and then analyzing all that information and putting it into easy-to-understand and easy-to-use reports. Using that information will let you gear your marketing efforts toward your demographic better, which can relate in a higher conversion rate. When you start gathering consumer intelligence, you have several tools at your disposal. 


One way that you can gather this intelligence is to send out surveys to your customers so that they can give you anonymous feedback. You can set up a website that has the survey on it, and give your customers the link to it on their receipts or order acknowledgments. You can also send out emails to people who have used your business in the past. In order to get higher responses, you can offer a reward for filling out the survey. People are more likely to do things if there is a reward available to them, whether that's an immediate reward or a chance at a larger reward. 

Product and Service Reviews

Another way that you can gather consumer intelligence is to look at the reviews people are leaving about your services and/or products. People tend to be honest in their reviews, and are going to say what they really think about your business and what you offer. If you read them all, you can generally get an idea of what people think of you. If there are only one or two reviews, you might not have as much information to gather than if you have one or two hundred, but any bit of information is going to be helpful. 

Once you have all the consumer intelligence and it has all been analyzed, you can see how it can help you market your business to new customers and how it can help your business grow. 

Contact a consumer intelligence service, such as Channel Signal, to learn more.