4 Strategies To Increase Online Visibility For Lawyers

Lawyers need increased online visibility to attract and retain new clients. Since the legal field is not necessarily entertaining like other online content and highly competitive, you will need to work harder to separate yourself from other lawyers who practice law in the same field and jurisdiction.

Start With Local Searches

Local searches are the most important SEO tactics for lawyers since they typically practice law in a single state or certain jurisdiction. Maintaining an updated business page on search engines is one way to capitalize on local searches because when people search for a lawyer in a specific area, business listing are at the top of the page. Including keywords like "lawyer in [location]" on your website will help your site rank higher in local searches.

Have A Social Media Presence

Social media can significantly influence your online visibility because people use social media like another search engine. Since people may not typically follow lawyers, you will need to put extra effort into your social media pages to attract and maintain followers. Not only do you need to create posts regularly, but you will need to consider what people will find interesting. Law information and your perspective on the changing law may create the most engagement. Of course, interacting with comments on your posts will also keep your page interesting.

Incorporate Audio/Visual Elements

Incorporating audio and visual elements into your online strategy may also improve search results and keep followers of your law firm more interested. For example, some lawyers maintain a YouTube account to create informative and sometimes funny content. These videos can be cross-posted on your website and social media pages to further keep your accounts interesting. Lawyers who create or participate in podcasts can help increase name recognition. Podcasts can serve multiple purposes because, if the podcast is filmed, the audio can easily be stripped from the video and posted on podcast accounts. Some people are more likely to listen to podcasts than watch videos because this allows them the freedom to multi-task.

Be Authoritative

Since lawyers are authorities in their practice area, they need to broadcast this information on their website and social media pages. You can create a sense of authority by providing written content through static pages or blog posts on topics of law. Consider questions people frequently ask or concerns your clients often face when dealing with a case and provide written content explaining this information. When combined with SEO practices to improve your place in search engine results, people are more likely to stick around on your website if you have informative and engaging content. Since legal information is often confusing, be sure to write content for the average person. This will also prevent people from going elsewhere for the same information.

Investing time and resources into your SEO and social media accounts will produce a considerable return on investment because you will attract more clients. Working on your online presence will also make you more competitive with other law firms.

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