3 Ways An SEO Service Can Help Your Small Business Website

When running a small business, a website is a great way to reach new customers. To reach new customers, you need to do well with SEO, or search engine optimization. The term "SEO" encompasses many actions you can take to help visitors find your website when they enter a query into a search engine. An SEO services business can help you with some of these tasks.

Keyword Research

For people to find your website, your website's content needs to align with popular keyword searches in the niche your business is in. The best way to make sure your content aligns with people's needs is through keyword research. You want to pick one to two primary keywords for each page on your website that you build your content around.

When it comes to selecting keywords, you want to choose keywords that are relevant to your business. You want to choose keywords with commercial intent, instead of an informational intent, as commercial keywords represent people are more than likely searching for a business to help them.

You want to choose keywords that are relevant in your geographical area. It is also often better to focus on building content around lower competition keywords to rank faster. An SEO service can perform keyword research for you, so you know what to target with your website.

Build Pages

Once you know what keywords you want to target, you need to build pages that target those keywords. You are going to want to use the primary keyword in the heading and introduction of the page. You are not going to want to stuff the keyword all over the page.

Instead, you are going to want to create a page with information that is relevant and useful to someone who is looking for that keyword. An SEO agency can help you build website pages and even help you create content for those pages that match your keyword research.

Optimize Each Page

Next, you need to make sure each page on your website is optimized for SEO. This involves doing things such as making sure each page has a meta description, that the content on each page is tagged correctly, and that the alt text is relevant and accurate for images. This is essential background work that can make your site more visible. This is a service an SEO agency can provide for you.

An SEO service provider can help your business find the right keywords to target, help you build pages to target those keywords, and work to optimize each page on your website. If you need help improving your website's ranking, reach out to an SEO agency that can assist you with that task.