Three Strategies To Create An Online Presence For Artists

For the most part, struggling to have your work seen in galleries or exhibits is a thing of the past. More artists are being seen and making a living by having an online presence. If you are ready to take your art business to the next level, there are three online avenues to increase sales.

Start With A Good Website

As an artist, you cannot skip having a good website and rely exclusively on social media. Your website is essentially a portfolio of your work. Whenever you finish pieces, take high-quality photographs to add to your website. You may also need to fine-tune the pictures in photo editing software so the photo looks nearly identical to what the piece looks like in person. Many artists use their website to sell directly to consumers, and this is also where you want to provide information and pricing plans if you take commissions. The look and feel of your website will be important for branding yourself, so pay close attention to the colors, typography, and logo you use since these should be the same across any platform you use.

Build Your Brand With Social Media

Use social media to your advantage, but avoid using the platforms as a hard sell. When people find you on social media, they do not want their feed flooded with advertising. This is a good opportunity to post in-progress pictures of your work or talk about the supplies you use. Since many people will follow you who are novices to art, you may want to turn your social media platform into being a resource for information. Posts and videos regarding new artists or business and marketing suggestions not only appeal to other artists, but they can appeal to people from a wide range of backgrounds. The goal is to use your platform to increase the visibility of your brand and hopefully attract buyers.

Sell Through Other Avenues

Using third-party websites, such as auctions or print-on-demand (POD) services, also increases your visibility as an artist. Online auction websites are frequently visited by people who are window-shopping with no specific item in mind. If your auction is labeled appropriately with relevant keywords, these people may just happen to find your listing and turn into buyers. POD services are critical to attract a wider audience. Although your ultimate goal might be to sell original pieces from your website, the reality is not everyone can afford original artwork. With POD services, people with varied budgets can show they enjoy your work by purchasing prints or t-shirts with your artwork on them.

Having an online presence is vital for a successful artist. Start with an online portfolio on your website, and branch out to other platforms to increase your visibility. To learn more about creating a website, contact a web design agency in your area.