7 Tips For Developing Your Website As An Author

If you are a writer and plan on releasing a book in the future, you may be thinking about developing a web presence. Website development is a great way to market your talent and your products. Not sure where to start? Keep reading to see how you can give your author website a boost.

1. Buy Your Domain Name

For an author, it makes sense that you use your real name or your pen name as your domain. Rather than branding yourself with your book, brand yourself with your name. Keep in mind that .com addresses are the most visible, so you might want to add words like 'books' or 'author' after your name if it is unavailable on its own.

2. Understand Differences in Hosting

Different types of hosting are available to keep your website up and running. While free hosting may be tempting at first, consider that these user-friendly methods also come with limitations like the inability to customize your site. Other types of hosting allow you to personalize the details.

3. Utilize Email Newsletter Signups

One of the best ways for authors to sell books is to create a newsletter with consistent readers. A free newsletter allows you to keep in touch with people who are interested in what you have to say. Automated services make signups easy.

4. Write a Bio Page

Every writer should have a short bio page in which they include a professional photo and some information about education and career highlights. Your biography establishes you as a professional.

5. Clean Up the Navigation

Menu items and social media icons should be clear and obvious. Visitors shouldn't be expected to guess what they are clicking on. Be clear and concise, telling your visitors where to find books, your biography, and other information about you.

6. Update Your Content

If you visit any author's website, you might find a blog which is updated somewhat regularly with new information about upcoming releases and events. Use this space to interact with your readers and invite them to upcoming events and signings.

7. Hire a Web Designer

Professional web designers understand the look and feel you want for your website. If you want to create an effective marketing tool, reach out to a web designer who has previously worked for authors in your industry. Professionals understand what works and what does not for websites in your field.