5 Things You Might Not Know About Legal Firm Marketing

Law firms can't function without their clients. Marketing services are critical for legal firms, but it can be difficult to keep abreast of all the changes in the marketing industry. Here are a few things that you may not know about law firm marketing.

1. Most People Use the Internet to Look for a Lawyer

In the past, most people looked to their friends and families when they needed a lawyer. Today, more people are looking on the internet. Not only are they looking for websites related to lawyers in their area, but they're also looking at third-party reviews. How is your reputation management?

2. People Don't Look Up Specific Firms Online

Most people looking online are simply looking for a lawyer that can handle their case. They may look up "divorce lawyer in Dayton, Ohio" or "DUI lawyer in Austin, Texas." Notably, they aren't looking up firm names that they saw in an advertisement or on a billboard. They're simply looking for someone who can handle their case. 

3. Video Content Improves Search Results Significantly

Many individuals are more receptive to video content than any other type of content. Law firms that use video content can see their traffic increase significantly, as there are more ways to find their firm and they can capture more personable, direct content for their firm. 

4. Most People Hire the First Lawyer They Speak To

Most people aren't looking to comparison shop when they are trying to find a lawyer. Rather, they already know they need a lawyer, and they're looking for the first person they find suitable. That means it's incredibly important to capture individuals first.

5. Most People Will Call a Lawyer Once They Reach Their Website

Once someone reaches a lawyer's website, they are highly likely to call them. Of course, they must first spend some time on the website, learning about the attorney's services. Nevertheless, the ability to draw potential clients into a website and provide valuable, compelling content, is a proven way to lead to a phone call. From there, a phone call nearly always leads to acquisition. 

Marketing isn't always the top priority for a legal firm, but it should be. If you want to learn more about legal marketing services, you may want to consider services for law firm marketing retreats. These retreats give you all the information you need to start marketing your firm effectively.