Improving Brand Engagement Rating: 3 Indicators Of Whether Your Instagram Followers Are Real Or Not

Instagram is not only one of the most popular mobile phone apps for sharing photographs, but is also a huge marketing tool used by various businesses. It has the highest brand engagement rating that generated a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which shows that Instagram is a great way of reaching out to potential clients and customers, building a business image and generating more exposure. Many social marketing companies claim to sell you "real" Instagram followers, but many of these ends up being fake accounts. Here are 3 factors that you can use to determine whether the followers you have bought are real or not.

The Type and Amount of Interaction Your Followers Have With Your Business

Most people don't follow boring Instagram profiles for no reason, so you should be sure that you buy real Instagram followers that are genuinely interested in your business. How do you know if they are interested? Simple. Take a look at the type and amount of interaction that your followers have with your Instagram business page.

For example, do your followers actively like and comment on photographs that you upload? Do they mention your business in their photographs as well if they have purchased a product or used a service, or check-in to your store location if you have one?

Amount of Activity of Each Follower

Checking out the profiles and Instagram pages of your followers can give you a better idea of the target audience and market that you attract. This can help you better customize or gear your advertising toward a market that may be more suitable for your brand.

Checking out the profiles of your followers can also give you an idea of whether you have purchased real Instagram followers or simply computer-generated ones. Look at the amount of activity that each of your followers has. For example, do they post pictures and interact with their friends on Instagram? Do they comment on their friend's photographs? There is no point in spending money on "dead accounts," as the lack of activity generally indicates that the user is computer-generated or simply not using Instagram often. All in all, it just means that your business is not gaining the exposure that you purchased.

Relevancy of Comments

Some online marketing companies selling fake followers have wised up, and created software programs that will periodically show some type of activity or interact with your company's page by liking photographs now and then. However, once again, this activity may not be genuine, so you may want to consider the relevancy of the comments that are posted.

Are the comments simply spam or do they actually have some content to them that pertains to the uploaded photographs?


If you are buying fake followers, you are essentially weakening your brand, and wasting your money, as you are not actually exposing your posts to a market that may be interested in your products or services.